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Dear reader—

Thank you for having the interest to reach this page. My favourite story to tell is DECIEM.

I met Brandon back in 2011 when I was working at Boots in the UK as a beauty buyer. From the moment we met, I was captivated by his energy and mind. He thought quicker than anyone and had the ability to remember everything.

Brandon was full of love, hope, and belief that the world can be a good place. DECIEM set out to be a force of good within beauty.

DECIEM is from the Latin word for the number ten, and we set out to build ten brands at once. Brandon was a strong believer that we should do everything in-house; design, formulation, and manufacturing included. We tried, we failed, we succeeded at so many different levels. Most importantly we loved, laughed, and cried along the way.

We never expected to be in a DECIEM without Brandon, and we are still processing what happened to the person we deeply loved.

Together with many of our founding team, we remain committed to putting innovation, function, and design at the heart of everything we do at DECIEM.

My love always,


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